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Leicestershire Candy Cart Hire Price 

100 FREE personalised bags offer, extended

Candy Cart without sweets, but  including all jars, scoops & cart decoration, from £50.00 

The package includes the scoops, jars and cart decoration. We found that it works out to be cheaper, for the customer to buy their own cucumber, as supermarket prices are cheaper than we can buy them for, from the wholesalers, it also ensures that you get exactly the mix of sweets, that suites you best. If you would prefer it, that we supply the sweets, the charge will be £7.50/10 guests and we will always try to meet your requirements, with regards to your sweet varieties.We will fully decorate it for you and you can add any of your own decorations or lights. We can supply the bags at a cost of £10.00/100 for our normal bags or £20.00/100 if you would like to have them personalised with your names.