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Daisy Chain Weddings Hire Terms and Conditions


Booking deposit and the payment of it
To secure your booking, a non-refundable deposit of £50 must be paid and an online booking form must be completed. The full balance will become payable 28 days prior to the date of your event and in all cases prior to the hire commencing. We will contact you 28 days prior to your event date to request payment of the final balance due. Bank transfer is the preferred method of payment and we will send you our bank details to facilitate this. The operator will not operate the photo booth until payment has been made in full.

Venue Access

Parking must be available within 50 metres of the building entrance, for both the setting up and dismantling of the equipment and free and secure parking must be available for the duration of the time spent at the venue.Also, as the equipment is heavy, we will require a there to be a lift facility, if the event is on an upper floor.


Equipment set up
The hirer will arrange for sufficient space to be provided to allow safe use of the equipment by the operator and guests. The hirer will arrange for the photo booth’s, final position, to be close to an electrical socket of 220-240v fitted with a 13amp trip. Up to 90 minutes may be required for the setting up the booth, though this usualy turns out to be no more than 60 minutes. The photo booth measure 3m long x 2m high x 1m width.


Guest behaviour- NO use of the booth allowed at any time, during the hire period.
Whilst we encourage the fun use of the photo booth/hashtag printer, if we feel that the equipment is not being treated in a respectful manner we will terminate its use. We will not accept any threatening or abusive behaviour and if this occurs we will stop and dismantle the equipment without a refund. Absolutely no food and drink allowed inside the photo booth.

Failure to supply
In the unlikely event of a technical problem with the equipment or events beyond our control, a refund will be given pro-rata to any time lost. The operator cannot be held responsible for any failure to provide a service of supplies or equipment if the operator has no circumstances which may withhold all or part of the supply such as accidents, traffic issues on-route to the venue, venue issues or the delay in operating the unit for any reason. In the event that the operator has no option but to fail in the supply of equipment hire and supplies in whole or in part, which are the responsibility of the operator, any monies paid will be reimbursed fully. Failure to supply due to the venue or client issues will not result in a refund.

The operator will provide a copy of its insurance liability should the venue request one before the event date.

Booking cancellation
We understand that your circumstances can change but we would ask for as much notice as possible if you need to cancel your booking. The £50 booking deposit is non-refundable in all cases.

Use of images

You agree that all images taken in the photo booth can be uploaded to a web gallery, public or private, but if you would prefer nothing to be published, we will happily respect your wishes, but we do ask that you inform us before the event

You grant us permission to use any images for advertising and promotional purposes, but if you would not wish for your images to be used, just tell us before your event.

Children’s parties will not be published anywhere at anytime.