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Hashtag printer



Best price in the United Kingdom

FREE Luxury photo album, for an extended period

Snap it – Tag it – Print it 

Your guests are the photographers, you could say it is a photo  booth where the camera is in everyone’s pocket

 There are many things just cannot be captured in a photo booth, for instance a couples first dance, a firework display, a large family group picture, with the Hashtag Printer you can print and share any of your photos.

Perfect for weddings, parties and any type of celebration event. Just simply take your photo, tag it on Instagram or Twitter, with your own special event hashtag and instantly print your photo, twice for you.

At just £99.00 for four hours, you will not find a cheaper price anywhere in the country.

If you want to add a bit of fun…… just ask for your price to include our amazing selection of free props, free luxury guestbook and a free USB of all of your lovely images

Hashtag printer

How does it work?

Guests at your event. can take photos on their mobile phones and share them on Twitter or Instagram.  By tagging them with your chosen hashtag the images are sent to our touch screen terminal.  Guests can then select their image from the touch screen and print it out,as many times as they want and another copy goes into your free guestbook as well a free USB, containing all of your images.


How many pictures can I have printed?

As many as you like! We don’t limit the number of photos you can print so you can snap away and print every single moment as many times as you would like, one for everyone in the picture,there really are no limitations on the number that we will print for you.


Can I have a selection of props with the hire of the printer?

Yes, we always supply a huge collection of fun props for you to use, both digital and physical